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New Path: Schooling for a Global Citizen

New Path: Schooling for a Global Citizen

To effectively deal with tomorrow, we need to change today. Preparing a global education programme is the need of the hour.

Have you ever thought about how the world will be in 2030? It will be a time when our children will graduate and go into the real world. A world where most jobs would have disappeared and a world in which completely new set of skills and abilities will be required in order to be successful.

The big question is: Are we rethinking education and coming up with new tools to help our children become successful in that different, difficult, complex, and demanding world? It will be an era when most of our children will be working (both virtually and physically) across the world, therefore an understanding of global best practices and cultures is essential, and so is the ability to forge relationships with people across the world (all from across different nationalities and cultures).
To effectively deal with tomorrow we need to change today. Some of the world’s most progressive thinkers and educators are coming together and creating global education programmes. One such innovative, path-breaking and game-changing program is the Global Schools Alliance (www.globalschoolsalliance.org) or simply put, the GSA).
The GSA is a collaborative global education program where some of the world’s most progressive schools co-share best practices. This program also helps schools, educators and learners synch with global citizenship guidelines such as United Nations Development Goal 4 and OECD 2030. The GSA enables schools to:

  • Exchange research about how children learn and the newest ways to educate them
  • Share teaching and learning methods that are proven best practices
  • Develop member schools’ teachers through rotating fellowships at other member schools’ locations
  • Create common projects between the schools that have a trans-national relevance
  • Facilitate educational visits between members to understand diverse cultures and work ethics
  • Evaluate, adopt, and share emerging technologies for learning.

The program provides progressive schools with an opportunity to connect with like-minded schools globally. Members are invited to reach out for advice, support and peer critique to sustain the innovative child-centred edge. The GSA holds the promise of a truly global school with unique access points throughout the world for learners, faculty, and stakeholders and continues to explore its potential as it grows.
Annual GSA symposiums are held and member schools take part in the exchange of ideas and practices that are on-going between our schools as trusted friends. The GSA hopes to expand only with a handful of carefully selected schools over the coming years as its USP is that it remains small, allowing for a tight-knit community based on personal relations.
GSA is led by Lene Jensby Lange, the founder of Autens Future Schools in Denmark, a consultancy specializing in third-millennium learning, schools transformation and learning space design. Dr Steven Edwards, a US-based educator with 40+ years’ experience acts as an advisor to the Alliance.

The GSA is probably the most disruptive program in education that aims to disrupt the way students and teachers will co-learn and ultimately become real global citizens.

  • Learning Leader’s professional development through international workshops and teaching fellowships amongst GSA schools.
  • A platform to connect globally with a wide range of schools and share best practices amongst schools.
    Sharing of learners’ work outside of their local communities and with the greater Alliance.
  • Member schools and their learners have wide access to the best universities, corporations, acclaimed thought leaders, international networks of school leaders, educationists, advisors, and other stakeholders.
  • Connects learners with their peers from other member schools to encourage trans-national projects and international collaborations- They will work together and present their findings to the real world, authentic audiences. Educators will co-plan these projects in collaboration with their international counterparts.
  • Pair learners with internships and other opportunities in the regions where GSA member schools operate.

Sandeep HoodaThe world is truly moving from individualised to co-shared models. Companies such as Uber, Airbnb and We  Work have successfully disrupted the way we transport ourselves, vacation and work. The GSA is probably the most disruptive program in education that aims to disrupt the way students and teachers will co-learn and ultimately become real global citizens.

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