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Friday, September 25, 2020
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‘No career ladder in Indian teaching system’

In an interview with Brainfeed, Azaleeya Huii, Principal, Apple Blosom Nursery School, Pune shares her views on Once a teacher, always a teacher?’

It is largely because of the very unorganized education system. Teachers do not come with ambition, unlike an IT professional. The government on a larger scale, or schools independently on a smaller scale need to educate teachers to aspire. We don’t have aspiring teachers. The problem is in the attitude of teaching mentality.From an assistant teacher to a teacher to head of academics, there has to be a progression and a thirst for knowledge.

In the next eight to nine years of her career she is good to manage a center. Now, when it comes to this progression of coming out of academics and moving into center development or center management, she needs to be upskilled with education which is business related.

Once she upskills herself with business development and goes out saying, ‘I am content driven, I am also business driven,’ then she is open to larger job profiles such as cluster head, or an academic head to many schools or a chain of schools, being mentor to a group of schools, getting into professional training.

Today, the teacher completes 10 years of her career and pauses to think if she needs a break or wants to shift to some other department. So, she moves laterally, not vertically.

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