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No COVID Risk from Living With Kids, Study Published in UK Confirms 

Study Published in UK

According to a recent study published in the UK, living with children does not pose any additional threat of contracting COVID-19. The study investigated 9 million adults in UK to conclude that living with children indeed lowers the possibilities of death resulting from coronavirus. Researchers at University of Oxford and London’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine had participated in the study. British government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy had funded the study. 

Living with children aged 11 or below ““was not associated with increased risks of recorded Covid-19 infection, Covid-19 related hospital or ICU (intensive care unit) admission but was associated with reduced risk of Covid-19 death.”

Nonetheless, statistics were different for adults living with children aged 12-18. Low risk of contracting coronavirus infection was apparent in these adults. Parents therefore have low all-cause mortality compared to individuals without any children.

The research confirmed, “beneficial changes in immune function from exposure to young children have been proposed to cause reduced mortality among parents.”

The study is hailed as a breakthrough amidst ongoing uncertainties about school reopening in the UK. According to researches, the study has implemented “accruing evidence” to establish the fact when as far as COVID-19 is concerned, “lower susceptibility and possibly lower infectiousness among children means that they may not transmit infection more than adults.”

“These findings have implications for determining the benefit-harm balance of children attending school in the Covid-19 pandemic.”

England has reinstated a second phase of lockdown even though school, college and university campuses are likely to remain operational. The study published in UK however, is yet to be inculcated in any medical journal. 

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