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No to Junk Foods: Reminder to all by UGC

Reminder to all by UGC

With the rising problem of obesity among youngsters, UGC has instructed all universities and colleges to stick to the guidelines of the ban of junk food in campuses. This was at first issued in November 2016. Secretary Rajnish Jain of UGC had signed the circular and reminded the college and university officials to stick to the ban. This is an initiative to create awareness among the youngsters who are more attracted to junk food nowadays.

UGC also suggested that the colleges can be useful data sources on students’ health. The circular instructs that students should be made aware of the ill effects of junk foods and also provided information on Body Mass Index. Wellness clusters need to be set up under the students’ welfare department that can counsel on dietary plans, proper nutrition, exercise and healthy habits.

It is also mandatory for the canteens to be the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) approved.

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