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Abhishek Singh, 23, Founder of Rankethon shares his successful entrepreneurship journey

Q. What made you create Rankethon?

As a child, I used to spend hours in a home-made lab and try various things. This urge to work in a state-of-art-lab which was my passion. Rankethon is in a way a realization of the dream. Since 2014, we have been conducting number of program linked to this sector across the country in different level.

Q. How do you help companies to get an overview of valuation, growth rate, and scalability?

We have a group of different startup meetups in different states where we have a blend of young and old companies during which the young companies get their specific field based mentorship from old company’s founders. We also have one senior member in the team in each zone who visits every week to meet entrepreneurs who are in hurdle.

So I started this initiative, Rankethon by firstly taking deep dive of the education sector from 2014 itself after conducting a number of programs linked to this sector across the nation at different levels.

Q. How do you help skilled students with no financial support?

We have low fee structure with scholarships which suit the students where they learn & implement everything during high-end training program then we deploy them in projects from different companies where they implement their skills learned from us which not only gives financial support to them but also helps them to get a decent job because of practical exposure during this duration itself.

Q. How do you plan to remove the gap between academics and trendy industry oriented skills?

We provide high tech industry oriented lab at the student’s convenience point’s right from school to colleges. A-cadre college pass out student learns basics from us, after they are asked to solve problems by using their core engineering skills. Later, they are deployed in top companies. With all this, we also provide webinars from professors & professionals at top companies.

Q. What is next for Rankethon?

Launching an online program called Home Rancho where students can get the complete training in a pre-designed portable lab at their doorstep in a completely practical manner. Currently, stalwarts in online education are doing at theoretical level but we want to give complete practical exposure to students in this segment, here we are in process to raise the funds to implement this at a next level.


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