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Abhishek Sharma, 24, Founder of Agilo Research Pvt. Ltd. shares his successful entrepreneural journey with Brainfeed Higher Education Plus

Q. How is the journey so far for STEMpedia?

In 2016, during college days, we launched evive – an all-in-one electronic prototyping device to simplify learning, building electronic projects and debugging by the means of a single stand-alone device. The product was well received with orders pouring in from over 40 countries across the globe.

Since then, after graduation, we established Agilo Research, quality feedback from market research led us to develop a wholesome solution for learning electronics, programming, and robotics – which we proudly call STEMpedia- released in Aug 2018 and launched globally in Feb 2019. But it has flourished since the very days of its inception, with over 5x revenue growth in FY 2018-19 as compared to FY 2017-18.

Q. What is your expansion plan to move for the next level?

STEMpedia is currently focusing on bringing about the DIYing revolution at school level in India, by helping more and more schools to establish STEM/ tinkering laboratories and establish a STEM/ tinkering program. Our global launch initiative focuses on our expansion plan of going B2C in global learning kits and STEM education aids market. With interests from institutions and organizations in the US, Australia, and Africa, we plan to establish our presence in 5 nations by the end of 2019.

STEMpedia believes in learning for everyone and hence has kept a lot of things open-source

Q. How is STEMpedia different from Avishkaar or Bibox like firm?

No doubt these companies have been doing great things, but everyone is unique in their own way. Major difference lies in operational philosophy of these companies while STEMpedia works around the vision of solving every problem a young innovator would face while learning-by-doing We offers an electronic prototyping device (evive) – which can be used independently by hobbyists, a range of learning kits for every skill level, hundreds of free tutorials and examples, in-depth technical documentation, online courses, a Scratch 3.0 based graphical programming interface, a controller application etc., i.e. solutions well-knit together to solve all the problems of a young innovator at a single place. STEMpedia believes in learning for everyone and hence has kept a lot of things open-source.

Q. How did you have your first investor?

We met them during India Innovation Growth Program 2.0 (which is organized by Lockheed Martin, Tata Trusts and Department of Science and Technology and invites 50 most innovative startups from the country) at CIIE, IIM Ahmedabad, where we found synergy in working with them and they found potential in working with us.

Agilo Research Pvt Ltd

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