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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Pakistan Reels Under COVID-19 Crises in Education


The COVID-19 has locked more students into virtual classrooms alienating them from peers and increasing social anxiety, it has also added to the already rising school dropout rates especially by the girl students. A newly published report, “Bringing All the Girls to School—A Case for investment” remarks that the Pakistan government will have to invest Rs 6.5 million into education to make sure the out of school students are enrolled back; additional funding of Rs 5.5 trillion will be fundamental in the next 10 years as assessed by the report.

The pandemic has exposed the lack of technology in education that has hindered online learning. In areas without internet, students face technical difficulties in joining online classes conducted by both private and public schools. Furthermore, students and teachers with special needs also find it difficult to communicate over virtual portals.

As schools and universities shift their workload on the virtual platform, the country is yet to facilitate a robust and dependable cybersecurity system thereby proliferating frequent security breaches during university webinars, online classes and educational video sessions.

Over the months, Pakistan has witnessed vehement rounds of protests by university and college students over online classes and ‘extortion’ of fees while campuses are shut.

Responding to financial woes, the government has asked private schools to reduce tuition fee charges by 20 percent. This has resulted private school authorities to suffer while clearing rents and paying teachers’ salaries. Other educational institutes are, however, not abiding by the government orders on fee cuts.

Since businesses and transactions have almost come to a standstill, parents find it difficult to clear the fees intensifying the deepening crises in education and learning.

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