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“Pandemic Pods” Bring Whiff of Consistency into k-12 Education

Amidst school shutdown in the US, parents are increasingly investing in pandemic pods or “micro-schools” where local teachers are being hired to teach a small group of neighbourhood kids following safety protocols. The learning technique is a combination of in-person and virtual learning.

Families collaborate for hiring the teacher who would facilitate learning and instruct the particular group of pupils for several hours a day. Many neighbourhoods across California have caught up with the trend which is similar to the concept of “cottage school.”

“It seems really important to kids to have other kids their own age to be silly with and make the jokes that only other 4-year-olds will really understand,” commented a parent who has a 4-year-old son.

Many families are splitting the cost of private teachers working in these pods where a micros-school like setting prevails adhering to the safety measures put forward by the families. Weekdays Mirco-School is one of the very few companies linking the neighbourhoods with the experienced vet teachers.

On a rotational basis, venues of the classes are decided where teachers are paid anywhere between $100 a week to $600 for full-time care. However, in a bid to make pods accessible to low-income families, teachers are offering scholarships for the lessons as well.  A list of states has prepared to provide funds for emergency education such as the like of pods and help parents with the options of both online learning and in-person tutoring.

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