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Pandemic Pods Gain Popularity Over Classroom Education

pandemic pods

As schools speculate about reopening in Fall, parents have already implemented pandemic pods investing $125,000 annually in what has been hailed as the most secure way of learning amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Hiring private teachers by spending $60,000 to $125,000, a year, kids are steadily learning from pandemic pods alleviating anxieties and mounting pressure for missing out on studies. Pods are working perfectly for parents who had previously shown apprehension towards Zoom-based learning.

However, pandemic pods are mostly dictated by the economic viability of the parents who can afford the space and money for accommodating privately-hired teachers. Bedrooms, basements and playrooms are being uniquely turned into defunct classrooms for a group of kids to minimize the spread of virus.

“[Children] desperately crave the socialization that comes with seeing their friends each day,” a parent commented on the immediate success of pandemic pods which proved more fun than worksheets and Zoom learning.

In Los Angeles, the demand for pods had skyrocketed shortly after its advent and caregiver agencies have seen a tremendous in-flow of class from families interested in hiring the tutors. Previously, private tutors were solely for celebrities or high-profile parents but are now opted by many families who are paying quite a hefty amount in exchange for consistent learning and secure environement.

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