Parents hope that Fee Regulatory Committee may provide relief from exorbitant school fees


Hyderabad: It has been recommended by the committee which has drafted National Education Policy (NEP) to set up the State Regulatory Committee which is going to be the sole authority on school regulations, hence parents in the city are of hope of getting some relief from the exorbitant school fees. The parents and activists from the city who hope to get some relief in school fee as the new draft talks about affordability and accountability which has impressed them.

Despite having a huge demand for setting up of District Fee Regulatory Committee (DFRC) which has been going for over a decade now, so far no committee has been set up as of now. As of now, there is no confirmation on how the final policy will give shape to the regulatory mechanism. The first draft of the policy has been welcomed that will be finalized after suggestions from parents and other stakeholders.

Ashish Naredi from Hyderabad School Parents Association said that the effectiveness of the aspect pertaining to the fee regulation would be determined once it is implemented. The transparency and State level regulatory authority in schools that will set the fee structure has been mentioned in the draft.

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