Pennsylvania Education Gap

Pennsylvania Education Gap Worsened by COVID-19

In many US countries, COVID-19 has widened the education gap pushing many students to miss out on classes and new school textbooks among other resources. In Pennsylvania education gap, the chasm, has the worst affected students with learning difficulties and unable to afford in-person support. Public schools in Pennsylvania are short of $4.6 billion. Schools strewn across the poorest districts are lagging poorly. The data has been published by a new study attempting a complete overhaul in the education funding system.

The divide in academic performance is most noticeable between the affluent and poor class. Students from the economically backward districts are degraded standards of test scores and maximum dropout rates.

“We are asking the court to fix the broken system, to ensure that the legislature fulfills its constitutional duty to create a system that ensures adequate and equitable funding for the needs of the commonwealth over time,” explained Maura McInerney, Legal Director, Education Law Centre. ELC is representing the organizations, parents and districts in the battle against growing disparities in school education.

New York City schools struggling with low budget has already slashed down dozens of teaching posts and ended performing arts programme. A systematic error in school funding at state and urban levels has perpetuated the inequity in quality of education catered to the students.

In Pennsylvania, the richest districts often overwhelmingly spend the resources and often at the rate of three-to-one per student. Parents have attributed the lack of learning resources to racism and the administration’s way of dealing with poverty in the country.

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