Preschool Education Shapes the future

Preschool Education: Shapes the future of a young learner

Children have a chance to improve the communication, exposure to social life, attitude, cognitive development and creativity thought from a young age. So it is important to carefully build the early years for lifelong learning

It is not an overstatement that Preschool Education imparted during early childhood goes a long way in shaping the future of a young learner into a confident and promising individual. Children are natural learners and observe their surroundings to grasp naturally from the world they are exposed to. Preschool Education Preschool Education

The child steps out of the comfort zone created by families at home and ventures into an unknown zone of a school environ, so safety and security along with assurance of being cared for are of prime importance to help the child settle well at school.

The pleasant and affectionate role of a preschool teacher thus becomes a prime factor for the smooth transition from home to school along with the mandatory mental preparedness undertaken by parents to ensure a sense of wellbeing of the child in the new set up.

Slowly yet steadily, a preschool becomes the second home of kids where they not only familiarize themselves with the new surroundings but also socialize with teachers and their classmates.

Various activities and experiences undertaken at preschools slowly help build the self-worth of the kids. Focus on language skill development helps the child express thoughts, slowly building the confidence of better communication.

Preschools become stepping stones for kids to eventually adore and appreciate the format behind formal schooling

It must be noted that use of mother tongue along with English helps the child in understanding concepts and aids freedom of expression. Social skills of respect for people and belongings, making friends and caring and sharing for peers are required at this early age leading to emotional well-being. It is at this stage that kids enjoy a perfect blend of fun and learning. When kids are taught in a playful manner, they not only learn better but also unleash their creative skills in coming up with alternate solutions that often surprise us adults too.

Engaging with different activities like playing with blocks or puzzles, playing in the sand pit, dabbling with art or learning rhymes through actions are all creative ways in which kids are engaged in their preschool days.

Theme days, Talk shows, Story time or Circle time along with Activity days, ensure that there is never a dull moment. Along with Pre Math, Literary, Social and Emotional skill development, it is important to focus on training the child on Self awareness and Self protection by encouraging the child to share any untoward experience with an adult, be it the parent or teacher.

Value of time management where kids learn the importance of timeframes concerning eating, playing and sleeping are invaluable lessons of life. Preschools which follow a daily routine of assembly time, play time and study time teach the importance of time management; the fun-filled way.

They begin to understand that there is a time for everything and that they need to follow the same so that they abide by the discipline of the preschool.

It is through this practical learning along with the knowledge of the importance of these invaluable habits that preschoolers emerge as individuals with a well organized personality that was shaped during his/her formative years.

All in an attempt to bring up kids with a keen sense of individuality, preschools are the educational hubs where parents and teachers can make the most of the impressionable and curious minds of kids.

To conclude it may be summed up that the stronger the foundation during preschool years the better the superstructure of life would be.

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