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Private Schools Worry as Students Migrate to Government Schools

In Haryana, financial crisis has prompted a steady influx of students into government schools from private educational institutions adding to the pre-existing cash crunch. As per order by the Haryana government, the privately owned institutions are strictly ordered to cooperate and not create hurdles in the way of migrating students. The education department has also initiated data keeping to record the number of students changing schools.

“The students are authorized to choose the school of their choice as per the Right to Education Act, 2009,” read a directorate issued by the state education department. Additionally, the government schools have also been asked to admit any number of students seeking admission.

As per official records, Haryana has 24,000 schools out of which 14,500 are state-run while the majority is privately owned.

“While admitting such students, the private schools concerned should be requested to issue their online school leaving certificate (SLC) within 15 days. If the online SLC is not received within 15 days, then it would be presumed that the schools concerned have issued the certificates,” as mentioned in an order issued by the school directorate on June 15.

On the situation of mass exodus, Wazir Singh, spokesperson of Haryana Vidyalaya Adhyapak Sangh, comments, “But a large number of people have lost their jobs and businesses have been shut down because of lockdown. This scenario has made it impossible for them to take the burden of the hefty fee that private schools demand leading to migration of their children to state-run schools.”

With soaring numbers of positive cases in India, the trend of sending children off to private schools is slowly eroding away. Officials speculate that about 10 percent of the private school students may opt for government schools.

National Independent School Alliance (NISA) President, Kulbhushan Sharma said, the private schools in Haryana have as mush as six lakh staffers whose salary will be directly impacted by the large-scale migration of students many of whom are yet to clear pending dues.

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