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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Project Report on Education by SriGayatri & Paramita Institutions, Telangana

project report

In a project report highlighting on India’s education sector and published by SriGayatri & Paramita Institutions, Telangana, it is estimated that about 30 million employees are likely to bear the brunt of this prolonged lockdown. Any suggestion of reopening schools and resuming classes has been thrown in loop, aggravating students’ detachment from studies. The onus is on students and school authorities alike since future academic goals are dependent on clearing school or college leaving exams.

The report extensively covers the education sector— demographics, present scenario, future perils and scopes–  and  provides a comprehensive analysis of how lockdown has affected stakeholders involved with schools. It is evident from the report that the loss is not just of academia or school funding affecting the salaried employees, but also to the students currently grappling with mental health issues as their future plans lie in tatters.

The project report submitted to MHRD provides a kaleidoscopic view of the impact of pandemic on students, schools, nation’s economy, education, employment. It has envisioned a new academic year but not without its drawbacks based on solid research and evidences. Each challenge is deep-seated into the fabric of Indian education system and distribution of resources.

Additionally, the report also charts the ways to advance education using available technology and resources in both government and private schools. The options have been weighed keeping in consideration the limitation of resources in the rural, semi-urban, township and the likes to synchronize the learning resources in a post-COVID world.

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