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Quizzing to the top | Interview with Quiz Master

Vinay mudaliar

Quizzing varies in different countries. In the UK, Quizzing is still popular among people. In other countries across Europe, Quizzing is seen as a trivia game which generally occurs as Trivia nights at restaurants and pubs etc. In the US Quizzing has not been popularized much though. India is among a few countries which actually takes Quizzing seriously and have been included in the education system as a platform for gaining knowledge.

Professional Quizmaster and Founder of Mindcogs, Vinay Mudaliar opened the doorway for Brainfeed into the mind of a quizmaster who thinks students should explore various aspects, participate in Inter-School competitions, think and explore beyond studies and textbooks to identify one’s passion and work hard to make it their profession. He is inspired by Sachin Tendulkar and Giri Balasubramanium.

Please share your journey of becoming a Quiz Master.

I have been an avid and passionate Quizzer since my School days. The passion grew as I entered Law school, where I kept quizzing for the entire 5 years of the course. After graduation I worked as a Legal Counsel with Aditya Birla Minacs for a year, during this time I used to conduct small Quizzes and workshops in nearby schools. The students would show great interest in my style of imparting knowledge. This led to the idea that I can do this as a full time profession. With that, I quit my job to follow my passion and start my Quizzing venture called Mindcogs.

School education industry is a very fragmented and difficult industry to enter into. It took a lot of groundwork to showcase Principals your ability to spread knowledge to children. Along with this being a 23 YO when I started Mindcogs was another challenge, since the perception in the School industry was that only an “older person” could be a Quizmaster.

But once the name spread through students, teachers and principals of our Quizzes and workshop and the way we impacted students, we created a good standing in the industry.

What are the different natures in which Quiz can be incorporated in a learning process?

Quiz can be included from a young age as a platform to gain knowledge beyond textbooks. We have our flagship programme “MindNgage” across schools in India, where we inculcate Quizzing as part of the learning process.  Knowledge gained beyond the textbooks acts as a stimulus to increase the student’s awareness globally as well as moulds a student into an all-round individual.

How to create a joyful and benefit-oriented quiz?

According to me an ideal Quiz is one where at least 85% of the answers are familiar and known to the audience. I always stress on the aspect that a good Quiz is when both finalists and audience are both involved in the Quiz. We at Mindcogs hence have the tagline that “Spreading Knowledge in an Engaging Way”.  Knowledge needs to be imparted in an interesting way for children to get engrossed and take something back. To make a Quiz a joyful learning, the Quizmaster should look at introducing new rounds, making it more audio-visual so that children’s observational skills are also improved.

How important is Quiz? Has Quiz been an integral part since years?

Quizzing no longer is about just recalling and telling answers. It has evolved to in-depth research, thinking out-of-the box, joining the dots and working out clues to derive an answer. The research skills a child gains through quizzing will be helpful throughout his life, whether in a professional course or in a job. Quizzing also helps children in being aware on what is happening around the world. With this awareness, the child also becomes confident and converses better in public.

Quiz has been popular since many decades in India. However, it gained prominence in households after the Quiz shows such as Quiz Time, Bournvita Quiz Contest and Kaun Banega Crorepati.  The word spread across India that there exists a knowledge sharing platform through these shows. But over the past decade, through Quizmasters, Quiz has become a very important aspect in School education. Schools and parents take Quizzing as an integral part of education beyond textbooks. We always believe Quiz is a “Mind sport” which a child can start participating in from a young age to help in their overall knowledge development.

How can students pursue to become a quiz Master today?

I believe students should pursue hard to be good quizzers first. Once the passion grows, you will realize if you are capable of making this passion as a profession.

Having said that, there is a notion that just being a good Quizzer can make you a Quizmaster; unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. A Quizmaster has various roles which he dawns apart from being a Quizzer or making content. There is the engagement aspect, making the Quiz reachable to all, being a bridge between the client and the students, knowing the technicalities of the Quiz and so on.

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