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Reading, Writing & Counting in Education Not Enough, N Chandrasekaran


In a book launch event, N Chandrasekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, outlines a different approach to education. He harped on the possible improvement of job crisis by revolutionary reforms. The idea to reinvent Indian educational sector should stem from introducing technology and training. The primitive method has slackened job growth and limited digital skills.

Chandrasekaran annihilated the myth that higher education could set a benchmark for Indian youth. While the Right to Education Act, 2010, guaranteed education for all between 6 -14 but little attention is spared to what is being learnt.

“After Class 12, we have to get the right training to people. Everyone shouldn’t chase higher education. Because then we have the reverse problems of PhDs standing in line to become peons,” Chandrasekaran opined in his book launch event at Bengaluru.

While technology has seeped in fragmented parts, the gap lies in systematically expanding it. While India’s private schools implemented technology, 62.2% of students are devoid of it. Education Ministry data states that 113 schools students belonging from 20 states attend government schools. Quality of digital learning solutions supplied to schools is dicey too.

Methodical use of technology could remedy the 600,000 shortage of doctors in India. Training personnel with technology for generic aspects of medical work could be beneficial. He envisions a hopeful tomorrow founded on digital literacy. We need to teach how to think, digital skills, how to collaborate and this is an easier thing to teach.”

Making an ed-tech solution accessible to students belonging from low-income households is significant. Teachers should be adept and trained with the multifariousness of digital education. It will reduce the endemic of redundancy in education.

“We need unicorns and unicorn likes in other sectors of the economy. The fundamental difference is funding. Tech startups have VCs. These other startups get tax credits. But that is after the fact, not before the fact, which is where it is needed,” Chandrasekaran added.

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