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Sawaldas Jethani is the Chairman of Chrysalis schools (Chrysalis High & Chrysalis Kids). An MBA from Pune University, Sawal has spent over six years in the corporate field, in the areas of advertising and marketing. Sawal then came into education as education seemed to be a place with unlimited potential to make a difference. In the past, Sawal has collaborated with the ICDS (Integrated Child Development Scheme), UNICEF and the World Bank in District, State and National Planning of Early Childhood Education. Chrysalis is known for its cutting edge programmes like PUPA, ISP & CHAMPS

What do we need to change about the Indian Education System?

Indian education system needs to move from “Syllabus finishing” approach to “Concept learning” approach. There is too much focus on completion of syllabus. At times, this is at the cost of children understanding the concept. What use is completion of Syllabus if the child has not understood half of it? Indian education system has too much focus on marks. So, it is fine by us if the child scores well in the exams but does not remember anything he/she has leant, the next day of the exams. Parents and schools are equally to be blamed for this. Media celebrating the “toppers” just adds to the problem.

Need of the hour is:

a. Having optimum syllabus: Indian Boards (ICSE & CBSE) either have too much to cover or the Syllabus is low, which does not challenge the child. It is the need of the hour to have an optimum Syllabus to ensure that the child is neither stressed out, nor remains unchallenged.

b. Enough time for reinforcement: Schools should spend enough time to revise each concept/ topic. Once the child has understood a topic/concept, it is far easier to teach the next level of the topic/concept to the child. Reinforcement of the topics/concepts is far important than just trying to complete the Syllabus.

c. Boards should adopt technology: The Indian boards are still slow in adopting technology. It is a known fact that technology can help children understand the concepts faster. Though pen and paper has its own advantages, the advantages of technology cannot be ignored. It is not about teaching computers, but teaching other subjects with the help of technology.

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