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School expansion in post pandemic times

The best outcome of the Covid pandemic was the exposure to online education and realization of the importance of offline education as well. It was important to go online during the pandemic and the learnings included a redrawing of education system.

With the pandemic receding, education sector is focusing more on coming up
with infrastructure. The measures are well taken care of to ensure the safety of children.
Online pattern took education to remote areas but limitations as the issues of network and multiple children in family learning through same devices making the access limited to every child. Also, imparting online education across the nation and remote areas can be temporary solution but not the permanent one in this big nation. Just providing schooling is not the objective; it has to be of quality. This can happen when the students can be vouched plus guided and this is possible only in offline education.

The schools groups have in-fact learned this and are showing major interest in expanding their brand in even tier II and tier III cities. The expansion of schools has become more wise and swift. Many brands have learned the fact that having their schools (or school branches) in these cities is beneficial not only to students but also to the education system as it strengths the system by delivering the education even in the smallest to biggest cities.

The investors have also shown major inclination towards the private education sector as it was and is going to be one of the big sector to invest in while uplifting the education system. The private sector of schools is seeming to chart big expansion plans and re-draft their growth. These are one of the best times to bring education brands in tier II and tier III cities. The support from the government to private sector has also been improving thus enabling the school groups to have a comparatively smooth establishment.

The offline education is and will always remain of major importance as it not only contributes to child’s growth within the class but also outside the classroom. The void of benefits in extra circular activities and social environment can only be fulfilled in schools. Thus, schools are focusing in improvising & making school environment safe while swiftly working on expansion.

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