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School Principal challenges Covid-19 with e-learning | Exclusive Interview

challenge to covid-19

In conversation with Brainfeed, Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School, Rohini, Delhi shares the experience of challenging pandemic Covid-19 with unstoppable march to learning.

Tell us how your school/institution has responded through online solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, when the whole world is battling with global outbreak of COVID-19, the school decided to initiate online classes for the students so that they don’t miss out the valuable time and stay connected with the studies through online lectures, assignments and project works by their teachers.

Since the school is a Microsoft Showcase school and all the teachers are well equipped to use Microsoft tools so the students are constantly connected to the virtual classes through Microsoft Education w.e.f 13 March 2020 and the students attendance is also being generated which has acted as a convenient tool for the teachers to keep a check on the response of the students. The teachers are in the process of conducting subject wise online lectures and show recorded videos for better clarity.

Home task is being given which is being successfully completed by them. Even the snap app is being used to send important links for further research and exploring of the content. Though the times are tough but we are making best of the effort to let the students get benefitted through the use of Technology which I feel has acted as boon for all of us.

What is the response of students and parents to your online initiative?

The students have responded well to the online classes and have been putting queries and getting their doubts cleared through the chat window available for the same. They are showing good interest a and are seriously attending the classes though there are certain internet issues at times, but then one has to be wise enough to cope with sudden obstacles which our teachers are well equipped to handle

Since the parents are kept in the loop and are being informed about the classes regularly through messages and emails , they have expressed a great satisfaction as they can see the time being used by the school constructively. Rather they also put there queries at times which are addressed successfully. They are ,as always , with the school and have put trust in the school’s initiatives.

Your message to educators…

See, life is very beautiful but sometimes unpredictable too. Any sudden thing can happen anytime & anywhere. So we just have to bear in mind that nothing is impossible if we have great determination to accomplish something. Every challenge comes with a hidden opportunity (even Covid-19) and its our wisdom which helps us to extract the best out of that and utilize for the benefit with best possible ways. I agree that we are into very tough times but then we have to be strong enough to deal and I believe if we all think and grow together we can simplify many things in life

I pray to Almighty to bless all of us with best of health and courage to overcome the challenge of Covid-19 pandemic. Let the whole world be healed soon.

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