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Schools are getting ready to reopen | Germ free school certification

Virendra Rawat, Founder, Green Schools, is transforming conventional schools in green Schools worldwide to bringing maximum nature and maximum culture into education everyday and every way.

When Planet is united to win the fight against COVID-19 Pandemic, led by United Nations, WHO, Head of Nations, Ministers, Doctors, Police and Paramedical Professionals, a team of green educators are also working to make every School free from deadly virus and other malicious germs. As we know, schools will be opening later or sooner for new session in India and other parts on the planet after lockdown, the first question of  every parent will be about the hygiene safety of their children in  the school.

Schools must follow hygiene safety standards

Most of schools will have their general answer that, their school is safe, but if parent will ask what are the standards of hygiene safety school is following ? The answer of schools may not be satisfactory to the parents.

Can School assure every parent that, their children are protected from deadly virus and nasty germs in the school and children will go back to their home without any infection?.

Indian School investors haven’t made enough investment on hygiene safety; neither regulatory body focused more on the hygiene safety.  Today schools are not in the position to assure every parent about the hygiene safety of their child in the School.

Green Mentors is UNGA Award winning Nature driven Research organization, bringing Power of Nature into Education through its Global Green Schooling Concept designed the School Hygiene Audit and Germs Free School Certification program for Schools.

 Green School Concept of this organisation is selected as Global Solution by United Nations and placed it on UN Global Innovation Exchange. Green Mentors is also an organizational member of North American Association for Environmental Education based at Washington DC.

Protecting and supporting the health and well being of our students community is top priority of this organisation. Green Mentors is committed to create safe and hygienic environment in Schools.

School Hygiene Audit

School Hygiene Audit is a scientific process of knowing hygiene level in the School especially in Toilets, Drinking Water area, Food Eating Place, Classrooms, Library, Laboratories and any potential area and behaviour of infection.

Trained and certified auditors of Green Mentors visits registered schools for hygiene audit and collects the data in prescribed format with videos.

 After collecting hygiene audit data from Schools, a team of hygiene experts analyzes the data   and submit its reports with recommendation and list of deficiencies if any for compliance to the School. 

When School fulfils the deficiencies of hygiene standards, the auditors visits school again to verify compliances. If compliance are satisfactory than auditor recommends school name   for Germs Free school Certification

Germs Free School Certification

Germs Free School Certification  is a process that makes whole School free from nastiest germs and  deadliest viruses and safe for students and teachers.

This Certification process is very stringent in its nature that verifies every potential infection point, area, practice & behavior in School & suggests preventive initiatives. Certified Germs Free School is a zero infection school and safe for students and teachers.

Green Mentor is transforming conventional schools into green schools. Hygiene safety is very integral part of Green Schooling that makes us as a legitimate agency for School Hygiene Auditing and Germs Free School Certification.

Green Mentors is well aware that life of every student and teacher of every school is precious and we are committed to make every school safe from infection for every child.

 We also know that School Investors will never compromise with Hygiene Safety in their School, they will definitely register their school for school hygiene audit before opening for new session.

Green Mentors will be happy to certify every registered School as Germs Free School to ensure that every student and teacher is safe from germs, nastiest virus and infection.

Virendra Rawat
Virendra Rawat, Founder, Green School Movement


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