Schools are taking sports beyond games period

Those days are gone when students during the physical education period in order to get some exercise had to pick a single game only. Now the trend is changing as students are taking up a sport and are pursuing it aggressively as well as competitively that is being encouraged by the school management in the present context.

The school managements are increasingly roping in sports professionals in order to imbibe sporting culture in their schools. With the help of these professionals, managements are planning training sessions, scout talent, building teams for various sports such as basketball, football, cricket and martial arts. Most of the schools are even allowing their students to spend more time in the playground.

Schools are joining hands with many sports academies to help students to get professional training. These sports academies are offering professional training in sports to students which are of their choice as a part of their curriculum or after-school activities. The students are taught in such a way that they can refine their skills and when a student is part of a team sport, the team is trained as a unit.

Pertaining to the age parameter assessing both the fitness quotient and talent quotient there are regular assessments being conducted. Progress cards are also handed to students which are descriptive and as detailed as academic marks sheet. Such specific training helps students to enhance motor skills and competitive spirit among the children.

It also makes them more capable which increases their self-esteem. The children who come from vulnerable environments through this training helps in personal development as well as trains their mind.

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