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Schools Re-Open in Europe, No Jump in COVID-19 Cases


Re-opening of 22 schools in Europe has not sparked COVID-19 cases, EU ministers confirmed. Blazenka Divjak, Minister for Education, Croatia however, pledged to take into consideration that schools are only open since two weeks now. Irrespective of and amidst opposing views from scientists, countries across Europe have stuck with the decision to open campuses. Playgrounds in Germany are now accessible to children and students aged 11-12 are prepping to return to schools already.

Out of the 22 countries where schools are operational, only 17 countries have allowed pupils to return to kindergarten, primary schools and secondary levels. Campus re-opening comes as part of the temporary easing of COVID-19 lockdown and resuming of classes.

“What has been emphasised very strongly is that these schools [have] very highly guarded conditions like smaller groups than in normal classes, usually groups of around 15 and … very close cooperation with health ministries and epidemiological services on a national level to provide schools and teachers and parents with very detailed recommendations on how to deal with the new situation.”

Denmark is the first country to tentatively start nursery, kindergarten and primary classes despite voracious protests from parents who blamed the government for treating their children as “guinea pigs”.

“So far we haven’t heard anything negative about the reopening of schools but it is probably too early to have final conclusions on that,” commented Divjak.

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