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Schools Reopened in AP, Assam and Uttarakhand Show Mixed Results 

Schools Reopened

Under stringent protocols from the state government, schools in Guwahati and across the state reopened on November 2. Sarbananda Sanowal, the Chief Minister, had passed regulations to the education department to operate the schools according to the COVID-19 safety regulations. Traditional classroom teaching has commenced for classes 6-8 as schools reopened. For junior class students enrolled in classes below 6, classroom learning is unlikely to resume anytime soon.

“Today (Tuesday), we have received the standard operating procedure (SOP) from the department of school education under the Union Education Minister. Based on this SOP and considering the local conditions in Assam, another SOP will be formulated for the state,” confirmed by the Education Department in Assam. Furthermore, the SOP also includes a rough timeline for general and polytechnic colleges, engineering institutions and IITs.

Reports of new cases of infections among students and teachers are pouring in from different districts of Assam. However, the education department is yet to reveal the exact statistics.

On November 2, schools in AP, Assam and Uttarakhand have opened uniformly. In Uttarakhand, about 3,791 senior secondary schools for classes 10 and 12 have reopened as of now. As per Uttarakhand’s department of education, students will be gradually accommodated into the classrooms.

In Andhra Pradesh, although 98 percent schools for classes 9 and 10 have resumed back to operation, attendance is as low as 45 percent and below. In the rural areas of Andhra Pradesh, attendance fared better than the urban counterparts.

“In the district, more people live in rural areas. Almost all students from the urban areas belong to either ‘high-tech’ or ‘low-tech’ categories, while a large number of pupils in rural parts belong to the ‘no-tech’ category. This could have led to higher attendance in those areas,” explained District collector A Md Imtiaz. School principals hope for a better turnout next week onwards.

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