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Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Scientists Discover Closest Black Hole 1,000 Light Years Away

With a mass four times bigger than sun, the newly discovered black hole is located in the constellation Telescopium. When seen through a telescope, the black hole located in the system called HR 6819 appears to be a bright, gleaming star. It is the closest black hole to Earth ever known.

On emphasizing its proximity to Earth, Thomas Rivinius, astronomer who lead the research have stated, “On the scale of the Milky Way, it’s in our backyard. Almost on our doorstep.”

“ We were totally surprised when we realized that this is the first stellar system with a black hole that can be seen with the unaided eye,” remarked Petr Hadrava, Scientist, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

Owing to the fact that even light cannot seep through the enormous gravitational pull of black hole, it is impossible to photograph a black hole.

“Probably many more of these systems exist,” commented Marianne Heida, ESO post-doctoral fellow. “By finding and studying the, we can learn a lot about the formation and evolution of those rare stars that begin their lives with more than about eight times the mass of the sun and end them in a supernova explosion that leaves behind a black hole.”

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