Setting Sun on the pages

Setting Sun on the pages

From early 20th century to mid  21st century  children learnt to study using the books write the notes in their note books respect the teachers and had reverence towards their teachers. Teacher was like a god to the students.

Students used to bring things like milk, curd, vegetables grains and many other things to their guru in reverence.

But as the days gone the trend has completely changed parents began to pay the fee and get admission to the children in different schools.

Different types of schools came into existence like the British curriculum, International schools, SSC based schools, ICSE schools and CBSE schools. Parents had a wide range of choice to admit the kids where they wished to join.

Of recent times the trend had completely changed and made the world upside down and toppled the whole system due to the pandemic. Children who used to use books changed into android phones or laptops or desk tops and teachers who used to use black boards started using laptops and the classrooms changed either to zoom Teams and other conference rooms.

Now the next generation children might not know what a class room is how a school looks like and they might get even the robots to teach the next genera kids.

We wish and pray that this dreadful pandemic might come to a stop and the children might come back to schools normally play sing and enjoy the fun they could have with their classmates.

Let not the sun set on the pages and may it come back to normal and have all the fun in picnics programs and other routine work in a normal way.

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