Shalom Presidency School: Abode of learning

Dr Lilly George

In this fast changing environment, it is extremely difficult to predict what the world will be in a few years from now. Shalom is faced with the delicate task of preparing our children for a distant tomorrow. It is known that children with a strong sense of self, and firm roots, are better geared to handle the       uncertainties of a fast-changing world. What is needed is a holistic, nurturing ecosystem that strengthens a    child’s self-belief and naturally connects him/her to the environment

Shalom Presidency School is a well-established educational institution in Gurgaon that strongly endorses this philosophy. We offer a warm and supportive culture that not only facilitates learning but develops a deep bond between students, teachers and the environment. Managed by luminaries who have greatly contributed to the education landscape of the country over the years, and coupled with new-age teaching ideologies, Shalom Presidency School is an insignia of modern education today. It is a system based on values and principles that will last your child a lifetime.

The school aims to develop students as ambassadors of positive change who will help build a better tomorrow.

Vision & Mission

To provide a stimulating and safe learning environment with innovative and responsive teaching techniques which will maximize individual potential and thus empowering the students to meet the challenges of life in a rapidly changing global environment.

To be the premier educational institution in the country that prides itself on bringing out the best in every student and their teachers by instilling in them the highest values steeped in our country’s best traditions.

Shalom Presidency School Abode of learning

USP of the school

Finely crafted curriculum, modern infrastructure, managed by education luminaries and a conducive healthy & safe environment for our learners

Courses offered

Science, Commerce, Humanities and Arts

Technology integration

Smart Boards with TLC from Pearson’s is installed in all classrooms with WIFI facility

Associated with

WSC; British Council; Cambridge; exchange programme with students from Okoloma University of USA, Korea


A separate recreation block for indoor sports like swimming, table tennis courts; full-fledged basketball court, football ground; tennis court and cricket pitch with nets; an equipped computer lab with a 3D printer

Security and safety

Entire campus has been installed with CCTV cameras at strategic points. All buses, classrooms, corridors and areas leading to washrooms have lady guards.

Life Skills programs

A separate period is allocated in the Time Table for Life Skills which is taken up by the school counselor. Workshops related to Life Skills are conducted throughout the session across grades.
The school ensures that learning happens in a value driven and joyous environment. Presidency has made a mark in academics as well as sports. Girls and boys of Presidency are proud recipients of medals and accolades at national and state level tournaments.

Future plans

To create well informed intelligent and contended individuals who have a definite sense of purpose in life and have a keen awareness of their social responsibility.

What people say

I feel delighted that my child is promoted to Grade-10. Please accept our heartfelt thank you wishes for being such a wonderful mentor of my child. We appreciate each and every teachers hard work and encouragement and their precious guidance. We feel happy from the bottom of our hearts to have such dedicated team of teachers working on our child’s betterment. Kindly extend our appreciation to all the teachers who have been there always in my child’s educational journey.As Aaryan has reached a very important milestone of his life, we hereby look forward for your continuous efforts, guidance and timely help in making his further journey more fruitful n praiseworthy.

Aaryan’s Mom n Dad

Shalom Presidency School Abode of learning

Our association with Shalom Presidency School is now in the fifth year and we know our sons are in good hands. Both our boys Nathan now in Grade 3 and Melchi in KG love their school with all its experiential and fun ways of learning and the extra-curricular activities they get access to. As parents we like the focus on experiential learning, a thing missing in our times. We have seen the school evolve and adapt according to changing needs and we trust in the vision and abilities of the management. Our prayers are always with the school as it grows and multiplies.

– Sreeja, Nathan’s & Melchi’s mother

Hi We, Ray and Benzy William, are parents of Judah William and Destiny William. Our children have been studying in this school from 2017.We are happy with the student ratio of each class. Also the accessibility that we have to the teachers through calls and WhatsApp. We like that the school not only focuses on the academics but also the character of a child. The infrastructure provided by the school is of high standard. We are happy with the less work load the children bring back home. Also the assessment that are been done on a weekly basis. We as parents are overall satisfied with the growth in our children. Let Shalom Presidency reach greater heights.

– Ray and Benzy William

Words are not enough to express the satisfaction and pride that I feel to be associated with this school. I have a lot of appreciation for the school and respect for Founder Ma’am and her excellent team. Their focus on all small and big things makes it a heaven for our kids and ensures all round development.

Some unique things are…

1. Knowing the strengths of each and every child and directing them accordingly

2. Continuous effort on improving the learning system for students using latest techniques

3. A complete balance of education and value system

4. Excellent extra-curricular activities

A big salute to Shalom Presidency School. Their initiatives will not only make the parents and school proud but will contribute to the betterment of the society and success of the nation.

– Manju and Vikas Ranjan

We appreciate the efforts made by the school in updating parents through weekly reports. Though we get the learning focus of the theme which is very helpful, this would be an add on. As I have observed, the Shalom Presidency team makes a really good effort in making children understand and upgrade their skills. I have sometimes observed and mostly been updated by Aditi on various talks and activities taking place in her class…I feel this type of information when shared with parents makes SPS stand apart from other schools in Gurgaon. It make parents feel proud in making the right choice for their little ones.

– Deepali Mehta

Shalom Presidency School Abode of learning

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