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Shoes from China lands man in quarantine

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If you are still planning to order Chinese goods, think twice. A man from Koraput in Odisha received a parcel containing shoes from China recently. Even before he could sport them on, the district administration knocked on his door and took the parcel.

The district collector, Madhusudhan Mishra said, “We seized the shoes and medically examined the person.”

The person has been asked to self-quarantine as he opened the parcel and touched the shoes.

The collector also added that the shoes could be destroyed as it may be contaminated. According to reports, the man has agreed and is in self-isolation. He however was unwilling to let go off the shoes but the district administration prevailed.

“Unlike cities, people in the hinterland need more coaxing to drill ideas. But once they understand that it is best for them and the society, they give in,” said an official.  

In the meanwhile, there are thousands across the country receiving parcels from China and Chinese companies that are stationed in Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. India imports quite a lot of shoes and leather products from China.

Government officials say that a few lakhs of parcels from China might have landed in India before March 21 and people might have been affected whose number is not known.

Mahesh Agarwal, a dealer based out of Aurangabad says, “Toys from China is a major market and not just the end customer but all those dealing in the business need to be cautious. Although a lot of automation is done in packing at the factories in China, there is no discounting human intervention.”

The fallout of this could have far reaching consequences but will throw open a lot of opportunities as well. Indian companies would now look to manufacturing in a big way and toys manufacturing would the way to look up.

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