SHREYAS scheme by HRD Ministry aims to skill non-technical students
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SHREYAS scheme by HRD Ministry aims to skill non-technical students

SHREYAS scheme will add 1000 hours of coursework to BA, BCom and BSc programmes covering soft, ICT and specific skill courses. 250 hours will be dedicated to soft skilling and ICT skilling each while the rest 500 hours will be divided in a way to address specific skill courses.

This new initiative called SHREYAS (Scheme for Higher Education Youth for Apprenticeship and Skills) has been launched as collaboration between the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship and the Ministry of Labour & Employment viz the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS), the National Career Service (NCS) and introduction of BA/BSc/BCom (Professional) courses in the higher educational institutions.

The website,, has already been made operational and is inviting applications from students from non-technical courses such as BA, BSc, BCom, etc. Registering themselves at the portal will allow students and alumni to be connected with apprenticeship programmes and recruiters.

HRD Minister, Prakash Javadekar addressed students, “The purpose of education is not just to bring out a good human from the system but to bring out a good human with skills.” He gave his own example as a student when he worked in an office during summer breaks. He believes this prepared him well for the bank job he attained later.

This portal will help provide internships to students from general courses to connect with recruiters and graduates.

A sanction of Rs 10,000 crore has been made for this programme said Secretary HRD, Subramanyam.

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