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SNS -educating students in design thinking

Dr. S. Nalin Vimal Kumar, Director, SNS Group of institutions

The Catch words in any of the SNS campuses include innovation, invention, research, interactive skills and multidisciplinary thinking. The foundation on which SNS functions includes five core methodologies in the changing world landscape. Acquiring knowledge by familiarizing students with the relevant issues of today. A strong culture of giving back to society is a part of social commitment.

The Sri SNS Charitable Trust came into being in 1997 with a philanthropic and social outlook of serving the society in the fields of education, textiles, software and several other allied sectors. Within no time, the group marched ahead and expanded from pre-school to advanced levels of graduate and post-graduate programmes in Arts, Science, Education, Management, Engineering, Pharmacy, Allied health sciences and research centres.

Applying emerging technologies in industry verticals such as agriculture, healthcare, energy, aerospace, fintech, automobiles, and smart city development has been the hallmark of SNS. Students are provided with five thrust areas of technologies. Artificial Intelligence / Design Thinking, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality / X Reality, Internet of Things, Robotics & Automation and Additive manufacturing have become the center point of emanating data and trends in contemporary times.

Speaking on the core philosophy of the institution, Nalin S, Technical Director, SNS Institutions says, “Throughout the journey innovation has been our benchmark. Creativity and innovation are fundamental to all the academic disciplines and these two elements are driven by Design Thinking (DT). Also, SNS framework is customized based on industry requirements which is reviewed and validated by industry experts in order to ensure the syllabus is relevant to changing technology trends and evolving needs of the industry.”

Fillip to entrepreneurship

A great deal of emphasis is on encouraging entrepreneurship. The grouse from industry has been the lack of skills from fresh graduates. To tackle this, fostering creativity by providing an appropriate seed of mechanism through design thinking to bring their ideas and imaginations into life is the aim. Not just engineers, we deliver entrepreneurs is what SNS management swears by.

Lifestyle beyond class

To make the educational experience inclusive and participative in multiple ways and to connect the industry, students are introduced to networks to interact, forge partnerships and succeed. The approach is multi-layered aiming to encapsulate as much of the real-world as it can. This has been possible due to academic flexibility to update curriculum based on the needs of the industry and to introduce innovation in various levels to meet global standards.

Students are given the means and opportunities to freely probe, examine, debate issues and ideas and actively pursue their educational goals. The rights and responsibilities of students are clearly articulated and supported. A Hariharan, System Engineer, Infosys Ltd, who is an SNS alumni says, “The ECE department always gave a nod for extracurricular activities which made us realise what we are and where we are in the competitive world. I got an offer to work for a company with a stipend before I completed my course. I am deeply thankful to the management.”

Each individual mind is capable of limitless endeavors. With training and inculcation of creative thinking, students are able to implement the right unique solutions in varied situations. A conducive environment is created to recognize themselves not in isolation but as an integral part of a collectivistic society. A strong culture of giving back to society is part of the social commitment of SNS.

The criticism of the Indian education system is about rote learning. There is a change, albeit slow. SNS has been emphasising on fostering creativity and innovation since inception. A free mind that dares and is not scared of failure comes up trumps on most occasions. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 too envisages creative thinking.


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