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Go Turkey For Obtaining Space Training

Space training in turkey

Space Training Centre, first of its kind, is all set to unveil in Turkey. The Gokmen Space and Aviation Training Centre (GUHEM) is built in Bursa. On April 23, The National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, the centre will be inaugurated. Turkey sets the paradigm for scientific endeavours high for other countries. This will help developing countries to come up with innovative solutions for science and technology.

The entire building of GUHEM is a comingling of science and wonder with 154 interactive mechanisms, flight stimulator, an innovation centre and rooms for aeronautics and space training by Space Training Centre. In-depth information about galaxies and ground knowledge pertinent to scientific excavations in the space will be part of this investment.

The second floor or the “Space Floor” is abundant in information regarding the solar system, planets, atmospheric phenomena and galaxies. For budding astronauts, this intensive training session will benefit before they toss themselves into space. With the initiation of such projects, trainers would learn about weightlessness, vehicles to use, wearing space suits, ground control and practising the art of spacewalks.

In a recent interview, Ibrahim Burkay, the head of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce, provided brief insights on the upcoming project. The mission to turn Turkey into one of the top 10 economies leading in space and aviation technologies is launched full-fledged by Space Training Centre. In referring to the indigenous satellite that Turkey has planned to put in orbit, he said the country needs “indigenous astronauts” all the same.

The benefits that stem from learning centres also cover an extensive understanding of human bodies and medical skills. Hopefully, Turkey will witness flourishing culture and innovations, contributions to humanity, scientific knowledge and creation of bright minds pursuing science with the help of this training centre. Turkey might collaborate with institutions such as universities, museums, schools and corporations to fuel research scopes.



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