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SpaceX To Carry Four Citizens Around The Earth

SpaceX is likely to launch four citizens into space to a trip orbiting the planet. The odyssey is scheduled to happen either towards the end of 2020 or in the initial half of 2022. The Crew Dragon capsule is responsible for carrying the four tourists into space. Financial expenses of the operation are yet to be disclosed although it is speculated to exceed $100 million.

“This historic mission will forge a path to making spaceflight possible for all people who dream of it, and we are pleased to work with the Space Adventures’ team on the mission,” Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX president and CEO. 

The elaborate precautions that tourists are obliged to take are not disclosed yet either. For the entire time, Crew Dragon will linger in the orbit as a free-flying aircraft.

In a deal with Space Adventures, SpaceX will use the Crew Dragon that was primarily manufactured to transport NASA astronauts. It is a first-ever initiative that aims to hurl four private citizens into space. High worth individuals spanning the world will be part of this exquisite mission amidst fanfare and hullabaloo. 

According to Space Adventure, the trip could span around 5 days after tourists are extensively trained for “a few weeks.” Crew Dragon is likely to reach two to three times the altitude honed by ISS. 

Over the last couple of years, SpaceX has invested into improving on the new version of Crew Dragon. Crew Dragon has set the record for being the second American spacecraft to carry NASA astronauts after Space Shuttle, 2011. It might dawn the new era when NASA will no longer need to depend on Russian spacecraft to hurl astronauts into space.  The luxury rendezvous will pave the way for well-developed space tourism that Elon Musk had dreamt of.  


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