Students from 9 countries including UK,USA, Japan and China deliberate & experience Indian culture at Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai (GICLM)

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Mumbai | March 18, 2019The city is all geared up for the much awaited prestigious Winchester International Symposium 2019,at leading International School- Garodia International Centre for Learning Mumbai (GICLM), from 18th– 23rd March, 2019 in Mumbai.

The idea that germinated at UK’s prestigious Winchester School to invite 10 top schools worldwide to form an association that represent a diversity of cultures and ideas, whilst being recognised as a top achieving school in their countries. The schools on board take turn to host the event in the respective country. In its 10th year, the symposium offers unique opportunity for top scholars to focus on world issues and debates in the week-long event which they prepare by exchanging essays and thoughts prior to the event.

It is significant that they collaborate across the borders of ethnicity and cultures to work on a common accord, which will be published and circulated thereafter to respective governments and international agencies. The past accords have covered pertinent issues like- poverty, environment and similar global issues. This years’ accord will be a statement about the ‘Nature of Culture and Ethics in a divided world’’. This is a key statement identifying specific ways for countries, governments and their citizens to engage in unity rather than diversity, understanding rather than conflict and universality rather than individualism.

The symposium is a noteworthy one for students from across countries like UK, USA, Japan, China, South Africa, Colombia, Prague, Slovak Republic and India are participating in it, which makes it culturally and ethnically diverse group congregation. The researches will go a long way in trying to tackle problems and issues across the world from the grassroots through the extensive research materials submitted through the Symposium.

Besides, GICLM is also organising Yoga and meditation classes for the participants and their faculty, a heritage walking tour of Mumbai city and Dharavi tour, Indian cookery experience, Bollywood dance sessions, Cultural performances along with the festival of Holi’s celebrations.

This kind of an event enhances the global outreach and learning for students when they get acquainted to new forms and methods of learnings, socialising with their peers from global institutes.This Symposium is putting into action the ethos of an IB school which aims at providing global education to its students in letter and spirit.

“We are very grateful and honoured to be hosting the 10th edition of the symposium in GICLM. An international event of this stature not only enhances the exposure but also intellect of the participating students giving them a global outlook on issues of international importance. We as an institute also believes in giving holistic educational exposure to our students and events like the Winchester International Symposium enhances the quality of education making it at par with global educational curriculums followed across the world and in leading institutes across India”, said Mr. Nishant Garodia, Director, Garodia Education.

The symposium will be attended by a long list of illustrious speakers who will be addressing the students gathered for the event and will share insightful experience with regards to educational developments and also sharing anecdotes from their personal lives to groom the students. The speaker’s at the symposium are Andy Fletcher, renowned International speaker and author of best- selling books like- ‘Life, the Universe and Everything’,‘There’s Nothing There, But Nothing is Really Something’ and ‘Quantum God Fractural Jesus’. His books focus on the nature of science and the debate about the origins of life, big-bang etc;

Anirudh Pandita is the Founder of Pocket Aces, Indian’s leading digital media entertainment company whose mission is to solve boredom. Dr. Vivek Bammi is an internationally acclaimed teacher and author. He has been instrumental in developing Critical Thinking and Theory of Knowledge in schools worldwide and for IB organisations. Dr. Jayashree Giri Retired Associate professor of SIES College of Art, Science and Commerce, Mumbai.

Ian Davies– Head of School GICLM who has a vast experience spanning over 37 years in International education across UK, Malawi, Indonesia, Poland and Russia. An illustrious career in the field of education, he is currently steering the schools’ education roadmap making it a global school.

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