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Students hope for easy Chemistry paper after tough physics paper

Students hope for easy Chemistry paper after tough physics paper

CBSE class 12 students hope for an easier Chemistry paper after the tough Physics exam on March 5 that attracted dissatisfaction from both students and teachers. Students and teachers took to the internet to discuss the lengthy question paper set by the board. Many have started an online petition for lenient checking and some went out to even ask for re-examination. Experts hope that this will not be the case for Chemistry exam as it would be comparatively easier. 

 “This was pretty much the case last year as well. The Physics examination was tougher of the three in the PCM examination. Chemistry examination after Physics is much easier,” quipped an expert.

A teacher urged the students to prepare for the next exam and said “The examiners are aware of the difficulty level and accordingly mark the papers. This is the time to focus on the next examination.”

A focus on NCERT based questions will help the students score good marks, according to the teachers. Several teachers mentioned students to go through the back exercises and revise all the equations provided in the book, especially the exceptions. Students need to write the formula and label the chemical equations so that they do not lose unnecessary marks.

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