Study says language-savvy parents boost kids’ reading ability

According to a study which shows that higher reading-related knowledge parents are not only more likely to have children with higher reading scores but it has been found that they are also more attentive when kids read out loud to them. Researchers from Concordia University in Canada said that young children learning to read & write English often need to identify patterns in words to be able to read and spell them.

An example for this is like knowing the “Magic E” syllable pattern that can allow a child to understand why an E at the end of a word like “rate” significantly alters the word’s sound from “rat.” Researchers said “such language complexity that can be understood by parents is known as reading-related knowledge. These parents can spot the difficulties & explain to their children”. Such skills tend to pass on when parents listen to their children read, which in turn helps reading development.

This particular study was published in the Journal of Research in Reading. In the study seventy sets of six- and seven-year-old children and their parents participated. Once the children were administered reading tests, they were then provided with reading material which is at a level just above their performance level.

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