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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Study says online bullying may worsen sleep & depression in teens

Online Bullying

A new study found that teens experiencing cyberbullying are more likely to suffer from poor sleep, which raises levels of depression in them. A form of bullying or harassment that uses electronic means such as sending, posting, or sharing any type of negative, false, harmful or mean content about someone else, is cyberbullying.

The University at Buffalo which conducted this study is exploring the connection between cyber victimization and sleep quality. More than 800 adolescents have been surveyed by the study for sleep quality, cyber aggression & depression.

According to the US Office of Adolescent Health that stressed on the fact that nearly one-third of teens have experienced symptoms of depression that leads to changes in sleep pattern, like persistent irritability, anger, and social withdrawal. They have also revealed that around 15 percent of US high school students are reported to be bullied electronically due to which they get into depression leading to disrupted school performance, harmed relationships or suicide.

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