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Sustainable Development Goals 2030: Ushering the New Dawn

Sustainable Development Goals 2030
Manju Garg (TGT), Ahlcon International School, Delhi

Ours can be the first generation to end poverty – and the last generation to address climate change before it is too late, though we have been ungrateful to our ancestors who handed us over the beautiful earth and are being blind to the fate of our future generations. The new generation is being brought to the world by us without realizing how they would survive and thrive in this mutilated world. Yet, as every cloud has a silver lining, among all the miscreants, there have been thinkers who dream of revolutionizing the world.  Undoubtedly, they are the educationists and humanitarians who have thought deep over the global problems we face today. They advocate seeds of education be sown at the right place and right time. Schools and other voluntary organizations thus organically became the cradles of conscience and springboards of action. They are fostering youth agencies towards rightful actions.

With the help of these educationalists and philanthropists, UN identified 17 Sustainable Development Goals  2030 to combat the problems of poverty, gender inequality, hunger, and other issues.  This 25th September will be a unique moment when the United Nations General Assembly with all 193 countries will celebrate , the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and fifth anniversary of the mega mission and universal plan  of achieving sustaining development for all and creating a better world for all.



The 2020 Global Week to Act4SDGs, from September 18 to 26, will be a joint call to action for everyone– leaders, citizens, organizations, and institutions. 25 September will be a special day to mobilize people to take concrete actions, reaffirming the shared global commitment for the achievement of the SDGs. Each action will become a part of a global network of ideas and examples for others to follow.  It will be renewing our commitment towards working dedicatedly and with determination for the three Ps -Progress of People and Planet by putting the Goals on priority and using the next ten years to deliver the highest and finest results.

Actions should generate actions continuously in a continuous chain as each link is important for attaining the SDGs. Hence the following parameters must be strictly adhered in loop as COVID-19 threatens to reverse the progress already achieved.

  • Awareness: Increasing public awareness among citizens and all stakeholders, during public events or exhibitions, various online presentations at school level (presently), social media campaigns, community platforms.
  • Accountability: Empowering aware citizens to help engage others and hold their groups accountable for working and announcing their achievement of targets through -Public declarations & presentations through media.
  • Accreditation: Weaving individual actions with group work to represent the impactful change towards SDG achievements like-tree plantation, pollution control, working for climate reality programmes, to name a few.

The innumerous campaigns and projects that have been designed at multi levels to bring all citizens together to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals make schools the cradles of actions and have created and strengthened the student agencies who have promised to take the lead and fight these problems. The students are whole heartedly participating and coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. They have started realizing that the responsibility of development and sustainability should be shouldered by them and they should do everything possible to save the earth and make it a livable and lovable planet for future generations too.

Schools have also become the brand ambassadors of SDGs and are shouldering responsibilities to bring all together and accelerate progress towards the SDGs – also known as the Global Goals. They have made the students realize that the ongoing battle will be won only when they understand it is ‘for them and by them’ and that they need to fight for the world of their dreams.

SDG 2030 will for sure, present SDG 18 which will be an enriched capsule containing the amalgamation of the achievements of all the 17 Sustainable Development goals.

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