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Tamil Nadu Schools to Set Up Wealth and Health Ambassadors

As schools all over India advances towards holistic methods, schools in Tamil Nadu have already introduced Wealth and Health Ambassadors. “As part of the School Health programme, every school in the state of Tamil Nadu will have two teachers designated as “health and wellness Ambassadors” and they will conduct sessions among classes VI, VII, VIII, IX and XI”, Sarita Jadav, UNESCO New Delhi National Programme Officer. As an antidote to oppressive school curriculum, these two positions will bring a balanced education system. The vexed problem of backdated school curriculum and surging anxiety among students will reduce subsequently.

Globally, the approach has promoted capabilities and skills to confront the multifaceted challenges of academia. Besides emotional stress, the structured program for health and wellness will deal with gender sensitive and lifestyle issues.

The framework for guidelines is designed by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training in harmony with UNESCO. Related training materials and resources are unveiled by the Union Ministry of Health. Around 26,000 teachers across the state will be trained and guided to implement its principles. “From each school, two teachers will be chosen as the health ambassadors and they will then take this forward to the students,” an official confirmed.

As schools worldwide have integrated efforts to nourish a child’s overall well-being, Tamil Nadu has spearheaded the movement successfully. Institutes are putting more emphasis on students’ personal development apart from academic success. Sustainability in learning environment is yet to encroach upon the states.

Department of Social Sciences, Government Degree & PG Courses, in collaboration with Lead India 2020, has unveiled “Personal development with the possibility of developing the country” at its focus. Similarly, in schools across Surrey, England, initiatives to reduce anxiety and self-destructive tendencies are launched full-fledged. Tamil Nadu could be an exemplary of holistic educational practices to other states in India. Currently, a number of issues continue to plague students’ physical and mental development. Tamil Nadu schools would combat by implementing the new program.

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