Teachers without UGC qualification cannot work from this year

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Teachers who lack UGC qualification will not continue to work from 2019 as per Vice Chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU). M Krishnan stated that this will be observed from this academic year itself, i.e. 2019-2020.

“It has been informed to all the affiliated colleges that the engagement of teachers who do not possess the qualifications as per UGC norms will lead to disaffiliation of the courses. It is known from the letters received from the colleges that these teachers are still on the roll which is against the UGC norms and the orders of the High Court in the WP.No.2652 of 2-14 dated 11.08.2014,” was stated by the circular sent to all affiliated colleges of MKU by its Registrar of the university V Chinniah.

M Krishnan also mentioned that it was the university’s responsibility to oblige by the High Court’s order. “University has to ensure that all the affiliated colleges follow the court’s order. Regarding this, MKU has sent many circulars to the affiliated colleges. On Thursday contempt petition on this case will be heard by the court. Before that MKU has to comply with the order of the court.”

“Hence, it is informed that if colleges continue the courses with teachers who do not possess qualifications as per UGC norms they will be held responsible for the legal action by informing the same before the HC in the contempt petition,” added the circular.

Currently, about 10 per cent of teaching staff at MKU constituent colleges do not have qualification as per the UGC norms. Their role at the university will be terminated.

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