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Teaching career is not profound in India

‘Teaching career is not Profound in india’
In an interview with Brainfeed, Dr Ashok K Pandey, Director, Ahlcon International School,
New Delhi shares his views onOnce a teacher, always a teacher?’
In India also, there is a career ladder but not profound. One joins as a PRT or a primary teacher and goes on to become a high school teacher and graduates to a lecturer’s position for senior classes. One can become vice principal and a principal too, particularly in the government sector. It is very obvious and these promotions do take place but as you start growing, the vacancies are very less.

Career progression is not only in the terms of position. It is also in terms of your intellectual growth, satisfaction, ability to reach the leadership position in your domain knowledge, expertise, you become a resource person, for the junior teachers, you write books, research papers, etc. Those are also career opportunities which must be encouraged and fostered and supported.

Teaching in a school is not a preferred career choice. There are three lakh vacancies for teachers on an average whereas the country is producing around 20 lakh trained teachers every year. So, there’s a lot of mismatch.

On the one hand, the trained people are not found suitable to take teaching positions and the people who should take up teaching career because of their understanding, knowledge and wisdom don’t don’t prefer to be a teacher. These are the problems and that is what the county has to find answer to.

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