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February 19, 2019
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Team India Abhyuday wins the Japan snow sculpting competition

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Three artists from rural areas of India win the International Snow Sculpturing Competition (ISSC) Japan Cup 2019, held at Nayoro. The competition was conducted from February 6 to 9 where Team Russia and Team Thailand took the second and third place respectively.

The three artists, Ravi Prakash, Sunil Kumar Kushwaha and Rajnish Verma hail from remote villages of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh (MP) and Uttar Pradesh (UP). They pooled in resources on their own to participate in the competition and won accolades for the country without any government sponsorship or support.

They had to work under the most adverse conditions without proper equipments but their willpower and tenacity brought fruitful results by beating better equipped 11 teams from other eight developed countries.

The competition was held amidst bone-chilling high-speed cold winds and -25 degree Celsius freezing temperatures where Indian team sculpted a 4-metre high, 3-metre long and 3-metre wide statue of Lord Vishnu’s Varah Avatar (Swine Incarnation).

Lack of money and other issues compelled them to lose hope until Delhi-based NGO Viswa Samanwayak Sangh helped to arrange for their travel.

“Our only endeavour is to make India proud in the field of Fine Arts all over the world. Financial gains have been secondary. We are inspired by our prime minister’s suggestions to youths to become self-dependent and contribute in making India a shining nation,” said the team.

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