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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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The elephant in the Room: How will Private Schools Survive?

Private Schools

The prolonged impasse into which schools have plunged has accentuated the difficulties of providing quality online education at affordable fees. School lockdown that began in the last week of March is still ongoing. Private schools running out of funds to pay their employees and sustain are most vulnerable to this crisis. In many schools, previous year’s academic fees are pending thereby snowballing the financial crunch. The ongoing debate regarding safe school opening has delayed resumption of classes, and subsequently the collection of pending dues.

As per government rules, schools cannot impose a fee hike adding to the burden of parents unable to clear previous dues or whose income has dwindled due to slowed business. In many states, schools are prohibited from asking for fees during the lockdown. As a consequence, private schools are presently reeling under burdening taxes and maintenance charges on top of unresolved tuition fees. In India, the crises have forced many teachers to look for different career options that mostly deviate from their former professional background. What lies ahead?

The Telangana Recognized School Management Association (TRSMA) has appealed to Hon’ble Chief Minister, K Chandra Shekhar Rao, formally though a letter for due assistance that will temporarily help them seek feasible alternatives to function and maintain the continuum of learning.


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