The New-Age Classroom – 5 Things to Look For!

The chalk and talk days are departing slowly. The learning process of modern classrooms no longer consists of boring lectures and drooling kids. And this change has just begun. Over the next few years, there are high chances that the education system will oversee a tremendous transformation. Even the International Baccalaureate curriculum is being adopted by many schools in metropolitan cities. It not only considers a student’s academic growth but grooms their overall personality.

Now, every new change is susceptible to doubts. Indian parents also feel suspicious about the way modern classrooms work. To help them understand this new concept, we have jotted down 5 things that make up a new-age classroom. Continue reading to know them all!

  1. The Digital Approach

This is the era of technology. To improve students’ engagement in the classrooms, top schools in India have adopted various digital tools for education. The traditional classrooms have turned into smart classes where teachers use digital boards to make learning fun and interesting.

There are plenty of other tools used through Wi-Fi and projectors to encourage, enhance and manage learning. IB schools, especially ensure that their classrooms are fully digitized. Visit any of the best IB schools in Delhi NCR, and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

  1. Connected Learning

Now, learning doesn’t end once the class is over. Thanks to technology, classroom knowledge is further discussed by the students on various digital platforms. Teachers are also a part of such groups where they can solve students’ doubts anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, teamwork also comes in play in this connected learning,and students get to interact more with their classmates and learn better social skills.

  1. Interactive Sessions

In traditional classrooms, the interaction between students and teachers is usually restricted to the feedback loop. The sessions in new-age classrooms are better equipped,and hence, there is more interaction.

Students are given abundant opportunities to share their views and put new theories forward. This way, it is not just the students who gain further insights on different subjects, but teachers also get to learn new perspectives.

  1. Creative and ComfortableSpaces

Be it the walls, blackboard or even the desks, everything in a new-age classroom focuses on little aspects that improve the learning experience for students.The chairs, for instance, are set up in a way that they correct body posture and make them feel comfortable in class.

Colourful walls, motivational posters and creative models are some other things that are specially designedin the new-age classrooms. Even the lighting and air circulation are maintained to make the class a better place for students.

  1. New Options and Innovation

This one is a crucial part of the new-age classrooms. Earlier, most of the classes used to follow a simple curriculum that focused majorly on books. However, modern schools now offer multiple curriculum options to their students. Earlier, when one used to search for best IB schools in Delhi NCR, there were not many options. However, today schools like Genesis Global School are offering such international level curriculum in the classroom along with CBSE and ICSE boards.

Summing Up

Learning is not something students acquire by sitting in a regular class and reading a few books. It must be gained through curiosity and innovation. The new-age classrooms are designed in such a way that they make education a holistic process to develop a student’s overall personality. Along with a diverse curriculum, schools also focus on extra-curricular activities for ensuring an overallgrowth of students.

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