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The thunderous success of Greenwood Students in CBSE Class X Results

The School Director, Dr. Bharadwaja Naidu declared that the students of Greenwood created an astounding success in the CBSE Class X Examinations. Speaking in a conference arranged at the school, he announced that 414 students have taken the said examinations and all came out with flying colours, giving a 100% result.
Out of the maximum of 500 marks K.Vrsha scored 493 marks, G.Himasree scored 487, B. Likhita and P. Sai Madhuri scored 484, D. Poojitha scored 482 and P. Sushanth Raj scored 480 marks. Over all 23 students scored more than 470 marks in these examinations.
This achievement was made possible because of the goal oriented, meticulous program, and an impeccable follow up by the school. The commitment to the progress of the education alone helped this milestone reached.
The School Directors, Sri Challa Dharma Reddy and  Dr. G.Bhardwaja Naidu congratulated all the students who brought laurels to the school. They thanked the teachers for giving a very good result and appreciated the parents for the cooperation extended by them throughout the academic year. Sri A. Prabhu Kumar CAO, Principals, Smt. P. Manjula Devi and Sri. VVN Naveen Kumar and T Pavan Kumar, Shaik Rabbani, CH Murali, K. Harsha Vardhan and Sri Srikanth participated in this program.

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