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The Urgent Remedy Amidst School Shutdowns— Home-schooling


In 1970 John Holt, educational theorist, initiated radical rethinking of traditional schools and rote thinking, he sought liberation for students. Parents were advised to follow “unschooling” and step aside from formal education. He inspired the first homeschoolers to lay the foundation of firm education, psychological and moral growth. In 2020, as schools shut down and switch to e-learning, parents are brooding on the subject of homeschooling. In Scotland, homeschoolers often adhere to two fundamental approaches of homeschooling: structured and autonomous. While structured learning is akin to a school-based curriculum, autonomous steers away from stringent norms and frequent examinations. If implemented carefully, homeschooling could be a powerful socializing experience for the kids.

Students below Five

Children under five require rigorous teaching practices to develop within them communication and language; motor skills; art and crafts; counting and measuring.  Initially, the entire fiasco of drawing your child’s concentration without creating a ruckus could be a challenge. Here are key ways to hone home-schooling for your child-

  • Develop activities-based learning and alphabet worksheet
  • Keep each session around an hour
  • Use outdoor spaces as your classroom environment
  • Access colourful and illustrated books to keep away boredom or loneliness

Students Aged Five to Eight

This age group has already developed the motor skills therefore slightly unburdening you. Preparing elaborate experiments spanned over days could speed up the learning process. experiment-based learning will enhance their concentration implanting the lessons firmly into their minds. Using open-ended questions, setting rewards, asking their opinions could motivate them to do better. The key is to strike a balance maintaining workload and expectations. Setting timers will be equally inventive in increasing student productivity.

Students Aged Nine to Eleven

Although academic pressure will increase, unless stress is minimized, students might find it difficult to cope. Educational podcasts remain an inventive source to deal with the flux and keep learning fun. Many homeschoolers have used platforms such as Skype or Zoom for group tutorials delivered by family members or acquaintances who is an expert in the subject.

Students aged Twelve and Above

The age group is most likely to be dishevelled by technology and apps. Amidst learning and growing, they should also be granted some privacy. Consider incorporating arts, designs, math tricks, science kits amidst learning. Encourage peer interaction and drop the timetable if you need to. It is enough to homechool splendidly braving the isolation.

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