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ThinkerPlace supports KBC fame Gyaan Raj on his mission to transform traditional education practices in India by first introducing S.T.E.M-based learning to children in rural areas

The education sector in India is undergoing rapid changes and one company that is creating a huge impact is ‘ThinkerPlace’, an Ed-Tech company that provides end-to-end learning solutions for children across the country through the introduction of S.T.E.M [Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics] based education DIY toys.

ThinkerPlace has recently interacted with Mr.Gyaan Raj who made an appearance on the popular Indian show KaunBanegaCrorepati. The common grounds of discussion being the need to shift from the traditional theoretical approach towards learning to a more practical, holistic, ‘beyond books’ approach, that is the need of the hour. The requirement to educate children across the country in this new and effective manner is a mission that is very close to both parties.

Through this collaboration, ThinkerPlace has succeeded in making the S.T.E.M DIY kits accessible to children in a remote village in Jharkhand. “ThinkerPlace offers STEM DIY kits that are the perfect solution to carry out “At-home learning” efficiently”, says Deepti Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace. She further says “a child’s mind is like a box of fireworks, and full of imagination, the more they engage in innovative processes the more they will be keen to learn new theories and concepts. Through S.T.E.M based learning children are engaged in innovative learning and the stigma within students that subjects like science and mathematics are too complex is eradicated at an early stage. Students can learn and build technical concepts at home by themselves. Learning beyond books is very essential and that is what we are very thrilled about achieving throughThinkerPlace and the association with Gyaan Raj”.

The meeting between ThinkerPlace and Mr.Gyaan Raj has sparked off a variety of ideas over the much preferred and popular trend of the S.T.E.M model of education that is now being considered as a new-age form of learning. Through ThinkerPlace the children belonging to rural Jharkhand under Mr.GyaanRaj’s care were able to access some of the newest in educational DIY toys and learn several futuristic skills from practically implementing them. ThinkerPlace assisted the school by giving the children end-to-end learning solutions that came with each toy and which honed on their learning capability.

Innovation, creative thinking, and learning beyond books are just a few key aspects of ThinkerPlace’s S.T.E.M-based learning. It is a blooming company that is keen and eager to make S.T.E.M accessible to every child across the country.

The initiative of the interaction is to assure students that learning can be possible remotely and children can get the benefit of the hands-on learning experience with the rapid adoption of S.T.E.M learning in several schools, colleges, and institutes.

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