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This is the secret key to happiness!

key to happiness

How irrelevant is the idea of pseudo happiness! People misinterpret and sway away from the real path to true joy. Educator, Bhawna Kohli from Ahlcon Group of Schools, New Delhi, shares the secret key to happiness and unclouds what’s momentary…

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Most of us prioritize externally oriented attention. When we think of attention, we often think of focusing on something *Outside* of ourselves. We “pay attention” to work, the TV, our partner, traffic or anything that engages our senses in the external world. However, a whole other world exists that most of us are far less aware of *Inside* world, with its varied landscape of emotions, feelings, and sensations.

It is often the internal world that determines whether we are having a good day or not, whether we are happy or unhappy. When immersed in personal and professional development, we are often coached to *Look Inside* for answers as well as questions. 


  • To _*Look Inside*_ means to discover your beliefs, your thoughts, and your feelings about something. 


  • To _*Look Inside*_ means you will discover and acknowledge how you want to be treated, how you want people to see you, and how you want to treat others. 


  • To _*Look Inside*_ means you will go on a journey to discover the gap between what you say you want and what you actually get. 


  • To _*Look Inside*_ means you will also journey to learn more about the gap between who you say you want to be and who you actually express yourself to be. 


  • To _*Look Inside*_ means to acknowledge to yourself that we all have the capacity to change, and the only effective way to change is to look inside.


When we look inside one thing comes in picture is Passion. Passion inspires us and creates strong feelings of love. Therefore, if you want to find your happiness, you gotta stick to your passions. If you are passionate about drawing comic books, maybe it’s time for you to make more or consider it as a career? If you’re passionate about food and cooking, take a class and practice. Do what you love and do what brings you joy. This will eventually lead to your happiness.

The definition of happiness varies a lot, but there is one simple secret to finding it.


To find your bliss, all you need to do is look inside of you.


Try to find it out…….


Bhawna Kohli talks about happiness
Bhawna Kohli, Educator, Ahlcon Group of Schools, New Delhi

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