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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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TikTok- the Newest Entrant in E-Learning Market


In a bid to push education during the lockdown, video-sharing app TikTok has announced its latest #LearnOnTikTok program which seeks to fund and promote educational videos on the app. The program is part of its $250 million commitment through which TikTok seeks to alleviate the impacts of COVID-19. Content generated on the app will be creative and instructional at the same time. Users will be compelled to reach out to more informative topics in a fun and engaging manner.

“We’ve partnered with over 800 public figures, media publishers, educational institutions, and real-world professional experts who’ve been affected by the effects of this global pandemic to bring learning material to TikTok. We’ve been humbled to be able to bring these grants to educators, professional experts, and nonprofits who have the power to offer us creative learning especially during this tough time.”

The company is looking for diverse ways to make education fun by maximizing the popularity of TikTok app. Over the years, TikTok has witnessed a boom in its revenue amounting to a whopping $17 million in 2019—almost the double of its 2018 figure.

Furthermore, #LearnOnTikTok will also showcase videos on exercises, general information on floral arrangements and pointers on aquatic life. All in all, the educational content will be supplied by businesses that are heavily affected by the pandemic. The videos will be both educative and promotional.

TikTok also plans to collaborate with celebrities like Bill Nye, Neil Degrasse Tyson and Lilly Singh to expand its educational reach. The app is also pitching in a new “creator learning portal” instrumental for providing tools, insights and tips on generating quality content on TikTok.

“Our community has been drawn to videos that highlight unique science experiments, useful life hacks, creative math tricks, easy DIY projects, and motivational messages and advice,” comments Beyan Thoensen, head of content partnerships for TikTok.

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