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To get a house registered, Kerala makes planting two mango or jackfruit trees mandatory

What is a potential solution to our planet that is going through a major environmental crisis? The devastating issues such as Global warming, climate change, acid rains are getting worst day by day. The only thing which we can do is planting a sapling in the neighbourhood which as simple as it can be done. We have been engrained in us since childhood that the only way out to save our ecosystem is to grow more & more trees and to cut down on pollution.

Though we all have been neglecting to plant the saplings now this initiative is being made mandatory by the municipal corporation of Kodungallur, a town in Kerala. It has been made mandatory by the municipality of the town that every housing compound should have at least two trees which is a pre-requisite to getting their house registered! There won’t be registration for them if there is an absence of trees in their compound!

It is mandatory that anybody who plans to build a house in the town should plant two trees like mango or jackfruit in their compound according to the scheme. A team of officers will examine the well-being of the tree and will only approve the registration when the trees are taken care of properly, once the construction is completed.

For all the houses that are more than 1,500 square feet or are built in an area of less than 8 cents this rule is applicable. Kodungallur is the very first municipal body to take such a step to ensure greenery in the town. Our metro cities should also take inspiration from Kodungallur and implement such measures.

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