To learn STEM subjects, MiRo the Cute Robot an ideal companion for students


Consequential Robotics Ltd, a British technology company has been working on improving the MiRo robot and had the third generation of this cute robot on display at the London Tech Week 2019. MiRo-E is set for its new-found educational companionship capabilities. The third generation of the MiRo robot family, the MiRo-E still retains the same lovable looks and personality as before.

The thing which has changed is the new software, new hardware, specifications and the much greater computing power it now possesses which makes it ideal as a companion for the students as they learn the STEM subjects. For a simpler understanding, these are the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects taught in classrooms around the world.

Prof Tony Prescott, University of Sheffield & Co-Founder of Consequential Robotics, while describing the third generation of the MiRo said that “MiRo is intended to be engaging, to appeal to everyone, and to interact in a natural way. It is essential that the students of today learn to program the devices of the future”.

As said by Consequential Robotics that the MiRo is very commonly used in institutions such as the Bristol Robotics Lab in the UK, Hong Kong Science museum, the University of Melbourne in Australia, Trinity College in Dublin, and the University of Wisconsin in the US. Each of these devices can work in a classroom which has as many as 40 students and each MiRo-E is priced around £ 2450.

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