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To Reinforce Self-Study, SCERT Develops Supplementary Calendar

Varsha Gaikwad, Cabinet Minister of School Education Department of Maharashtra, took to Twitter to announce the inauguration of a supplementary calendar prepared by the State Council for Educational Research and Training (SCERT) to help students with self-study. Gaiwak also commented on the viability of this calendar and its effectiveness in maintaining quality education amidst COVID-19 disruption. The statement comes as many schools in Maharashtra resort to e-learning after a long pause . 

Students can now study incorporating the calendar into their regular school textbooks and learning schedules. 

According to the SOP submitted by the education department, online learning has been scheduled only for higher classes and banned for classes up to II.

The state has taken relevant steps to combat the crises of e-learning accentuated due to the lack of internet access and other resources. The highest affected districts are Palghar and Gadchiroli where more than 36 percent of students face the onslaught of school shutdown.

Commenting on the issue, Gaikwad has asked the local volunteers and gram panchayat to teach students in the area. Equipped with school textbooks and calendars, students can ease the various hurdles in academic learning even in the absence of schoolteachers.

“From NGO to self-help groups to volunteers, we are seeking opinions on how best to teach students in areas where no teacher can reach. So efforts are being made on all levels” commented Gaikwad.  

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